Medical applications

Clinical precision is the highest quality standard in production accuracy. Until now the few production platforms that could achieve it, either are too slow or non adjustable to new formulations. The IamFluidics platform has achieved to produce clinical grade multi compartment drug micro capsules, a hundred to a thousand times faster than the conventional methods currently available.

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

Chemical industry

Conventional methods for bulk chemical production have been stagnant for the last decades. Cleanup of spills and contamination of enormous batches cause routinely loss of production. In IamFluidics the loss stays at the microscale. We have managed to create a platform that is safe, adaptable to your production lines, offers in line control and is able to produce in bulk supply while saving you time!

Food and Agricultural industries

With increasing population in developing countries the need for fast production and quality control is in high need. The standard microfluidics is not up to this task. With the IAMF technique you will be able to control quality whilst monitoring for high-throughput analysis. Since we are experts in encapsulation processes we are also able to help you with custom solutions for your specific problem.

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)


The cosmetics industry is shifting towards a plastic-free, cruelty free paradigm. However the limitations of current production methods still limit the availability of these products and drive up the price. With IamFluidics you can reduce the cost of your production process, produce at a massive rate without plastics and animal-derived products in an environmental friendly way.

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For the first time, we connect and integrate the fields of microfluidics and additive manufacturing, by presenting a unifying technology that we call In-air microfluidics (IAMF).

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