Alginate is stable at high temperatures, biodegradable and approved for use in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. IamFluidics is capable of designing, formulating and producing both matrix-type beads and core-shell microparticles. Furthermore, IamFluidics has developed an innovative method to produce beads and other microparticles faster than traditional “on chip” production methods called “In-Air MicroFluidics”.

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

In air Microfluidics, no chip required.

IamFluidics exclusively exploits IAMF technology to produce customized microparticles, build IAMF set-ups, and provides innovative solutions where conventional chip-based microfluidics fails.

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For the first time, we connect and integrate the fields of microfluidics and additive manufacturing, by presenting a unifying technology that we call In-air microfluidics (IAMF).

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Various base units with added complexity (top to bottom). These base units are commonly produced using microfluidics and straightforward options for IAMF.

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)