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Cosmetics & Personal Care


The beauty of hydrogel beads

The appearance, feel, and function of cosmetic products determine the customerā€™s experience. IamFluidics has developed SenSphereĀ®: a hydrogel bead platform technology that provides excellent control over the sense and function of cosmetics and personal care products.

Life Science & Biomedical


Microgels for life

Excellent control over the quality of microparticles is a prerequisite for these high-end markets. IamFluidics core technology has originally been developed for the encapsulation of stem cells, and thus perfectly conforms the unique needs to serve life science and biomedical applications.

Pharma & Drug Delivery


Drug development that cares

Tuning the injectability and release properties of microparticles starts with controlling their exact size, shape, and surface area. IamFluidicsā€™ high-yield and high-quality microencapsulation processes are a perfect match to this end.

Are you looking for a new formulation?

Then you are invited to meet our team of talented, skilled, and interdisciplinary scientists. Together, we will engineer the optimal microparticle for your business.

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