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19 December 2018

Innovation Industries invests €1 million in University of Twente spin-off IamFluidics. With the investment, IamFluidics will accelerate product development towards market introduction. Innovation Industries is an independent venture capital fund that combines company-building and venture investment under one roof. This investor uses a market-driven approach to create long-term value in high technology start-up and scale-up companies.

29 September 2018

IamFluidics sells its first product. The Thermal and Fluid Engineering department at the University of Twente purchased the first IamFluidics setup. They will further explore the fundamentals of the in-air microfluidics technology and obtain novel insights into manufacturing of microdroplets and microparticles.

20 September 2018

IamFluidics BV is awarded with second EFRO grant. We received another EFRO grant, which is a large R&D subsidy funded by the European Union. The grant allows IamFluidics to make their microbead production process GLP and cGMP compatible, which is an essential step towards the production of pharmaceutical grade products. IamFluidics is one of the partners in a larger consortium (QVQ, Hy2Care, University of Twente, and Orthros) that aims to develop functional microparticles for the treatment of osteoarthrosis.


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