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Are you interested in contributing to the success of IamFluidics and is your position not listed?
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Vacancy: Lead Product Developer

Technological innovations


At IamFluidics we are passionate about engineering high-quality microparticles to create disruptive solutions that improve life quality. We strongly focus on technological innovations in microfluidics and materials for personal care, life science, pharmaceutical, and biomedical products. We care about learning continuously, innovating through science, contributing to life quality, creating a great place to work, and providing impactful, scalable, and sustainable solutions.

What we offer

  • Make big company impact while working at a nimble and dynamic site;
  • Be part of a highly skilled and passionate multidisciplinary team and work on disruptive technical innovations;
  • Receive attractive compensation with the possibility to participate in IamFluidics’ success;
  • Develop your personal and professional skills within emerging application fields;
  • Enjoy a flexible and all-inclusive workplace.

Our mission


Microparticles are everywhere! For example, in food, textiles, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. However, current microparticle production methods are inefficient and not sustainable (e.g., resulting in microplastics). It is IamFluidics’ mission to revolutionize microparticle production for a healthier planet by developing the next generation of sustainable, scalable, and superb microencapsulation technologies. To this end, we have invented a disruptive and sustainable technology to create high-quality microparticles at jet speed.

Now, we are ready to start production and conquer the market with our sustainable, scalable, and superb microencapsulation solutions!

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