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Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Tom Kamperman, PhD

Dr. Tom Kamperman is an entrepreneurial biomedical engineer with a strong background in microfluidics, tissue engineering, and enabling (micro)technologies. He has over ten years of experience with the development of microfluidic systems for life science applications and in particular microencapsulation.

Before starting IamFluidics, he worked at various internationally recognized institutes, including the Max-Planck Institute in Muenster (DE), the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology (NL), the Technical Medical Centre (NL), and the Division of Engineering in Medicine at Harvard Medical School (USA). He is the recipient of the prestigious personal NWO Rubicon and Veni grants. In 2019, he was elected “European Innovator Under 35” by MIT Technology Review.

Tom is the co-inventor of the IN-AIR MICROFLUIDICS™ technology, co-founder of IamFluidics, and responsible for the technical management as IamFluidics’ CTO. In this role, he has conceived, executed, and managed various innovative projects, including multiple large European consortia.