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Next-generation microparticles for a healthier world

Get the most out of active ingredients and live cells to improve product performance and unlock new forms of treatment using efficient and sustainable microencapsulation solutions.

IN-AIR MICROFLUIDICS™ patented platform

We turned into reality the production of customized microparticles with precise control and monodispersity at an industrial scale. Our cutting-edge equipment, processes, and formulations are developed to improve product performance and increase the use of safer, sustainable materials to replace microplastics and toxic chemicals used in conventional encapsulation methods.

Advanced microencapsulation solutions for exceptional​ results

Iamfluidics mild process to preserve sensitive compounds and live cells

mild process to preserve sensitive compounds and live cells

Iamfluidics targeted and controlled release

targeted and controlled release

Iamfluidics improved  stability, bioavailability and sensory experiences

improved  stability, bioavailability and sensory experiences

We support several markets with development and production of tailored microparticles

Discover sustainable encapsulation solutions

Our advanced technology allows us to use natural and biodegradable materials in microencapsulation without compromising performance. Discover how our gentle and energy-efficient production process prevents the waste of valuable APIs, commonly sensitive to the chemicals used in bulk production and chip-based microfluidics. 

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Let's revolutionize microparticles together

Explore career opportunities to work with a dynamic, multicultural, and innovative team that is challenging current market standards toward more efficient and sustainable solutions.