About Us

IamFluidics translates microfluidics-based processes to industrial production scales to realize scalable and cost-effective application of high-quality microparticles.

Our Mission

Providing a production method for high-quality microparticles, such that no scientific breakthrough or commercial application is limited.

Our People

Ivo Aarninkhof

Ivo has held senior management positions at Philips for over 13 years, across Europe and in China. In these positions he was responsible for general management, marketing, supply chain management, product development and plant management. Until 2008 Ivo worked as Director for Product Marketing in Radiography in Hamburg, Germany. Until 2011 he was Senior Director and General Manager responsible for Diagnostic Xray in Shanghai China. Since 2011 Ivo started and involved with new companies in the field of high tech & medical, and held executive positions at Sigmascreening (CEO) and Holland Innovative (GM). Ivo holds a MSc. degree from the University of Twente and an executive MBA.

Claas Willem Visser, PhD
(Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer)

Claas Willem Visser is a co-inventor of the ‘in-air microfluidics’(IAMF) and one of the founders of IamFluidics. He was recently appointed as an Assistant Professor in University of Twente, after completing his Rubicon Post-Doctoral fellow at the lab of Jennifer Lewis and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard. He earned his PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Twente, in which he contributed to fundamental aspects and applications of micro-scale droplet impact on solid surfaces. He has also worked as a researcher and project leader in Tata steel. In IamFluidics, Claas combines his extensive work experience as a Researcher and Project Leader in renowned institutions for the strategic management and operation of IamFluidics.

Tom Kamperman, PhD
(Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer)

Tom Kamperman is a co-inventor of ‘in-air microfluidics’(IAMF) and one of the founders of IamFluidics. After finishing his PhD in Microparticle fabrication, he co-founded IamFluidics B.V in order to fully unlock the potential of the IAMF technology. He is currently appointed as a post-doctoral researcher within the Department of Developmental BioEngineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. In IamFluidics, Tom’s mission is to explore and realize the numerous applications of IAMF by combining his academic expertise with his passion for new ideas.

Menno Noorlander
(Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer)

Menno Noorlander is a co-founder and the general manager of IamFluidics. He is an entrepreneur who’s knowledge was crafted in the clinical and neuroscience setting. He is also the founder of the valorisation and guidance company NexusNorth, and the Neurological diagnostic devices company NeuroStim. Menno utilizes his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive commercial background for setting up business and distribution channels while also being in charge of the IamFluidics global sales and marketing portfolio.

Vasileios Trikalitis, MSc
(Product Innovation Manager)

Vasileios was part of the early development and upscaling of the IAMF technology. He is a PhD candidate at the Vascularization lab at the University of Twente. During his Master’s degree studies, he specialized in tissue engineering and drug delivery platforms which synergize with his material science background. He has also work experience as a sales representative in Vodafone. Vasileios thrives at the interface of product development and commercial affairs. In IamFluidics, his role is to track potential collaborators, monitor customer needs, and develop products that will ensure customer satisfaction.

Vincent de Jong, MSc
(Manufacturing and Engineering Manager)

Vincent de Jong is a product and manufacturing developer for IamFluidics. He is a biomedical engineer with a specialization in tissue engineering. During his master thesis, he worked on developing the IAMF technology for core-shell microparticles applications. Vincent’s innate curiosity for novel microfabrication technologies and passion for problem solving, augmented by his expertise in biomedical engineering, transcribes in the design and assembly of new medical devices. In IamFluidics, his role is to develop and adapt our production platform to the challenges presented by our customers on a case-by-case basis, in order to guarantee for them a streamlined experience.

Sara Tahan Latibari, PhD
(Material Engineer and Scientist)

As a material engineering scientist, Sara helps in further expanding IamFluidics’ product portfolio. She became an expert in microencapsulation of organic materials for energy storage during her PhD at the University of Malaya (2013-2016) and post-doc positions at the University of Twente and TNO (2017-2018). At IamFluidics, Sara uses her expertise of microencapsulation processes to discover, design, and produce functional micromaterials for various innovative product/market combinations.