About us

IamFluidics B.V. is an microdroplets technology and manufactoring company that focuses on the further development and fabrication of emulsions and encapsulaton processes. We have invented in-air microfluidics (IAMF), which enables the production of monodisperse microdroplets and -particles at industry-level production rates while maintaining the resolution of microfluidics.


We will be the first company that commercializes the patented IAMF technology. With our disruptive technology, we could petentially replace part of the global microfludics market. It is our mission to offer distinct advantages for business partners and within end products for consumers within pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and life science markets.


By nurturing healthy relationships with our employees, customers, distributors and suppliers, and by proactively addressing the market of today’s technologies, we aspire to become a leading company with knowledge exchange, application advancements and new break- throughs in the microfluidics and 3D printing field.

The People

Tom Kamperman, Phd

Tom Kamperman is a biomedical engineer with a strong background in microfluidics, tissue engineering, and enabling (micro)technologies. He is currently appointed as a post-doctoral researcher within the Department of Developmental BioEngineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He is co-inventor of the in-air microfluidics technology.

Claas Willem Visser, Ass. Prof

Claas Willem Visser is a Rubicon Post-Doctoral fellow at the lab of Jennifer Lewis at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard. He earned Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the University of Twente in The Netherlands, in which he contributed to fundamental aspects and applications of micro-scale droplet impact on solid surfaces. He is co-inventor of the in-air microfluidic process.

Vasileios Trikalitis

Vasileios Trikalitis is a PhD candidate at the Vascularization lab at the University of Twente. He is a biomedical engineer specialized in tissue engineering and drug delivery platforms and has a material science background. He worked on the development and upscaling of in-air microfluidics and has also work experience in Vodafone at the sector of commercial sales. He is the commercial business manager of the in-air microfluidics technology.

Menno Noorlander

Menno Noorlander is an entrepreneur who’s knowledge was crafted in the Clinical and Neuroscience field. With a commercial background he has been responsible for setting up abroad businesses and distribution channels worldwide next to being in charge of global Sales & marketing portfolio’s. Founded his valorisation and guidance company NexusNorth in 2015, founded Neurological company NeuroStim in 2016 and is Co-Founder & General Manager of IamFluidics (2018).

Vincent de Jong

Vincent de Jong is a Biomedical Science Master with a specialization in tissue engineering. During his master thesis, he worked on developing the In-Air Microfluidics technology for core-shell microparticles applications. Vincent works as a technician and product developer for IamFluidics.