In Iamfluidics, accuracy speed and versatility are our core principles. We combine our academic rigor and practical industrial knowledge to help clients reach particle production with clinical accuracy in a massive/unprecedented scale.

Custom products & solutions

We managed to solve the microfluidic production speed problem. But we are always eager to find a new challenge and develop custom products that fit your exact need. Let us know how can we help.


Your own IAMF setup

Versatility in production is necessary to allow room for new ideas to flourish. With a rapidly expanding list of over 40 different products produced by a single IAMF platform, users are free to realize their ideas/forget the rigid 1:1 ratio of platform per product. Create easily your own custom microparticles, 100x faster than competing platforms.


IAMF for Industrial applications

The industrial setting is the most challenging environment for designer microparticle production. With industrial IAMF, your production line can become faster and more accurate with minimum interference. Ask us how.


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For the first time, we connect and integrate the fields of microfluidics and additive manufacturing, by presenting a unifying technology that we call In-air microfluidics (IAMF).

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