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Custom products and solutions

We continuously seek new opportunities to revolutionize the world of microparticles. Are you looking for a new formulation? Then you are invited to meet our team of talented, skilled, and interdisciplinary scientists. Together, we will engineer the optimal microparticle for your business.

In-air microfluidics in industry

Conventional chip-based microfluidics technologies can produce high-quality microparticles, but are too slow for industrial applications. Our proprietary and disruptive microencapsulation process is up to 1000x faster than conventional droplet microfluidics, while offering similar precision and versatility. This enables us to readily translate microfluidics-based processes to industrial production scales and ultimately realize better products using affordable high-quality microparticles.

Process USP's

  • Chip-free (no cleanroom)
  • High throughput (~kgs/day)
  • Robust (no clogging)
  • Easily scalable
  • Accessible & straightforward integration
  • Less solvents (optionally oil-/surfactant-free)
  • Low shear (designed for stem cell encapsulation)

Get to know our services

Please contact us if you are interested to integrate in-air microfluidics in your production process.

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