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University of Twente

IamFluidics is the result of a collaborative university research project between dr. Claas Willem Visser from the Physics of Fluids group of prof. Detlef Lohse and dr. Tom Kamperman from the department of Developmental BioEngineering of prof. Marcel Karperien at University of Twente. Our collaboration with the University of Twente continuously enables science-based innovations that focus on microfluidics and materials engineering.

Innovation Industries

Innovation Industries provided the capital that has enabled us to kick-start our company. This independent venture capital fund invests in deep-tech start-ups and scale-ups. Innovation Industries provides ongoing support to the IamFluidics team.


Novel-T is University of Twente’s start-up incubator that facilitates the translation of science and technology through the creation of spin-off companies.

Fluid Mechanics for Functional Materials

The Fluid Mechanics for Functional Materials team (Dr. Ir. Claas Willem Visser, University of Twente) is situated within the Engineering Fluid Dynamics department (Prof. Dr. Ir. Kees Venner) and creates new materials from scratch. The group uses droplets or particles as “building blocks” that add functionality to 3D-printed pieces in programmable shapes. Together with the Fluid Mechanics for Functional Materials team, IamFluidics is developing novel microbeads to improve the quality and functionality of materials.

Leijten Laboratory

The Leijten Laboratory (Dr. Jeroen Leijten, University of Twente) works on the development of nano- and microscale technologies to drive the generation of multiscale bioengineered constructs for biomedical applications. Our collaboration with the Leijten Lab aims at creating a new generation of microbeads for cell and tissue culture applications.

Developmental BioEngineering department

The department of Developmental BioEngineering (Prof. Dr. Marcel Karperien, University of Twente) works on the development of novel therapeutic strategies for the replacement of lost or worn out tissues in chronic diseases. IamFluidics’ core technology was developed in close collaboration with the DBE department. Our collaboration aims to further develop and finally implemented the in-air microfluidics technology for use in therapeutic strategies.

Vascularization Lab

The Vascularization Lab (Dr. Jeroen Rouwkema, University of Twente) focuses on tuning the local mechanical and chemical micro-environment in order to control development and organization of vascularized engineered tissues. Our collaboration with the Vascularization Lab aims at exploring the next generation of life science applications for our IamFluidics microbeads.