Vascularization Lab

The Vascularization lab, directed by Jeroen Rouwkema, focuses on tuning the local mechanical and chemical micro-environment in order to control development and organization of vascularized engineered tissues.
Our collaboration with the Vascularization Lab aims at creating microengineered tissue units that include our unique IamFluidics particles using novel fabrication technologies in order to localize distinct micro-environments.

Engineering Fluid Dynamics group

The Engineering Fluid Dynamics group focuses on controlling fluid mechanics to realize solutions in various application fields. Experimental, numerical, and theoretical methods are applied to study fluid mechanics over all scales, ranging from sub-micron lubrication flows to aero-acoustic applications and from flows in the heart and lungs to wind turbine optimization. The EFD group studies the interaction between flows and complex materials materials that incorporate stiff and soft parts, and recently started fabricating tailored multi-scale materials with optimized functional properties.