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We have achieved facile production of a variety of microbeads including: single and double emulsions, Janus hydrogel beads and cell capsules.


The size, shape, and content are key parameters for microparticle applications. In IamFluidics we have achieved >90% monodispersity in size and shape, while ensuring sterility, without surfactants.

1 The type of production and typical production rate.
2 The relative spread in product size. Monodisperse (i.e., mono-sized) products give more predictable and consistent results.
3 The amount of active ingredient that is encapsulated and thus contributes to the end product.
4 The amount of product that does not meet the required specification.
5 The ability to reproduce the outcome of the production process.
6 The level of technical expertise that is required to install and/or operate the system.

1000x faster

Conventional chip-based microfluidics typically can produce microbeads at the rate of μl/min. We can produce monodisperse emulsions, particles, and fibers with controlled shaped and size (10 to 300μm) with a production rate of ml/min with a single setup. That is >100x times faster.

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For the first time, we connect and integrate the fields of microfluidics and additive manufacturing, by presenting a unifying technology that we call In-air microfluidics (IAMF).

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