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In-air microfluidics

Our proprietary technology, called ‘in-air microfluidics’ enables the chip-free manipulation of microfluidic streams. In concept, microfluidic channels are replaced by micrometer-sized liquid jets that can be combined and manipulated in mid-air, thereby maintaining in-line control.

Via the controlled generation and impact of microjets, this off-chip approach is readily compatible with the production of monodisperse droplets, particles, and fibers at per-nozzle rates that exceed conventional microfluidics up to a 1000-fold for a wide range of particle diameters.

In-air microfluidics

The inventors

Our co-founders and the inventors of the ‘in-air microfluidics’ technology,
Dr. Tom Kamperman and Dr. Claas Willem Visser, have been studying chip-based microfluidics and jetting technologies for more than 10 years in world-class research organizations such as Harvard, Max-Planck, and MESA+. Their work has been published in various top-tier scientific journals.

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