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Microgels are everywhere

The PluriLife brand focuses on high-quality microgels for the biomedical and life science markets. Hydrogel microbeads can be tuned towards numerous applications such as embolization, (stem) cell culture, protein purification, or injectable dermal fillers.

At IamFluidics, we combine our expertise in hydrogel technology with advanced proprietary processing techniques which enables us to engineer turn-key product concepts and scalable solutions for the life science and biomedical markets.



Expand your horizons

Our team has experience with a variety of materials including natural polysaccharides (e.g., alginate, dextran, and hyaluronic acid), proteins (e.g., collagen and gelatin), and synthetic polymers (e.g., PEG, PVP, and PDMS).
Our state-of-the-art production techniques result in uniform, monodisperse, and emulsifier-free microgels that provide a perfect basis for high-end products.

PluriLife specified


  • Tunable particle size from 50 Āµm to 3 mm
  • Uniform size distribution (CV<10%)
  • Tunable shape from solid to capsule and from spherical to fibrous
  • Tunable elasticity from ~5 kPa to 100 kPa




PluriLife process

Our microgel production and microencapsulation process is free of oils and emulsifiers, thus minimizing hazardous side effects from oils or surfactants and providing a clean and safe basis for biocompatible product development.

Examples of functionalization or coatings (non-exhaustive list)

  • Fluorophores (e.g., FITC)
  • Charged polymers (e.g., PLL)
  • Peptides (e.g., RGD)
  • Dialdehyde
  • Biotin
  • Streptavidin


Potential applications of microgels

  • Chromatography (affinity and size exclusion)
  • Pull-down / purification assays (e.g. for proteins or nucleic acids)
  • Crowding of 2D cell cultures to mimic 3D environments
  • (Embedded) 3D printing
  • Spacers or fillers

Want to know more about our developments?

What better way to be convinced by the unique benefits of PluriLife hydrogel beads than experiencing them first-hand?

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