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Better particles make better products

Human skin can clearly sense the difference between crèmes based on 50 μm beads (perceived as light) and 100 μm beads (perceived as rich).[1] Tightly controlling the size of microbeads is therefore essential to steer the experience of cosmetic users. SenSphere microbeads are produced by a proprietary micromanufacturing process resulting in products with a very narrow size distribution (CV<10%)[2,3] enabling extraordinary engineering of skin sensation and visual appearance.

[1] Trautmann et al., Int. J. Cosm. Sci., 2017, 39, 344
[2] Visser et al, Science Adv., 2018, 4(1), eaao1175
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Our beads in your formulation

Besides size, the skin is very perceptible to stickiness and stiffness.[4] To this end, SenSphere microbeads can be further tailored to perfectly match the customer’s desires. SenSphere microbeads are made of brown algae extract that naturally occurs in the sea. Our hydrogel microbeads are therefore 100% plastic-free and fully degradable in seawater.[5]

[4] Skedung et al., Sci. Rep., 2013, 3, 2617
[5] Bae et al., Int. J. Biol. Macromol., 2019, 133, 278

SenSphere specified


  • Tunable color, transparency, and shimmer
  • Tunable particle size from 50 µm to 3 mm
  • Uniform size distribution (CV<10%)
  • Tunable shape from solid to capsule and from spherical to fibrous


Tactile perception

  • Cool and refreshing, not sticky or greasy
  • Tunable skin feel from smooth to tangible
  • No particle residue after applying on skin

Potential functions

  • Protection, stabilization, and controlled release of (natural)
    active ingredients
  • Moisturizing, texturizing, antioxidative, and detoxifying


Base ingredients

  • Based on alginate from natural brown algae
  • 100% plastic-free, 100% vegan, and 100% surfactant-free
  • Clean-label formulation

Want to know more about our developments?

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SenSphere brochure

SenSphere brochure
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